About Me

James Caserta

Independent Writer

Hello, and thank you for visiting my page. I use this website to catalogue my ever-changing journey from the dark, shadowy depths of regret and self hatred to the life God intended me to live ever since he first formed me into existence. I hope and pray that I can encourage anyone going through the same struggles, and also be able to look back on my long journey, when I finally reach the other side.

Some Quick Facts About Myself:
  • I love many types of music, including gospel, heavy metal, classic rock, and iconic film composers like John Williams and Howard Shore
  • I enjoy open-world video games, or any game that gives me freedom to play at my own pace
  • Football is my favorite sport, next is basketball, then baseball
  • My relationship with God is everything to me. My desire to draw closer to Him is what keeps me going in life.