A New Generation of Revival

There are many things in this world that always elicit a smile, like a peak of sunlight forcing its way through an overcast sky or a vibrant rainbow marking the blessed end to the torrential rains. My little niece Claire and nephew Elias are two such things. Today, we had the pleasure of entertaining them on this frigid February afternoon.

As soon as I heard their familiar shrills of excitement, I smiled to myself. I take a moment to appreciate how easy it is to smile these days. To think that several months ago I was crippled by depression and anxiety; that person feels like a lifetime ago now.

Before long Mom, Claire and I found ourselves knee-deep in art supplies. (Elias has an affinity for video game culture, so his Spidey-senses inevitably led him to uncle Seth’s shiny new Xbox.) Soon, the dining room was transformed into an art studio, and Madame Claire went to work on her next masterpiece. I also made an attempt, and I will only say, it’s a good thing I can write better than I make art.

Claire and me displaying her work of art

Amidst all the laughs and fun times, I can’t help but marvel at how fast they’re growing. I’m fortunate to be able to appreciate these moments while also watching them blossom into who God created them to be. Their personalities are so unique, from Claire-bear’s creative and enthusiastic spirit, to Elias’s sense of humor and intelligence. Each one, like us, has been handcrafted for a unique purpose for such a time as this.

Now, my mind broadens to their generation as a whole. These children are coming up at a critical time, a time that’s seeing our nation continuing to turn its back on God. Young adults of today are more stressed, depressed, and are entering a world where truth is subjective and moral compasses spiral in every direction.

That’s why we as sons and daughters of the Almighty don’t follow a compass, but a light. The Light, that is. Our path is illuminated by Scriptures, and darkness cannot touch what God has covered in His Holy light. It’s important that the next generation understands this and that they know the love of the Father as we do.

So, while we’re making art, playing bean bag toss, or having movie night together, we must also be bold in our expression of praise and worship. They need to see us deep in prayer, or freely worshipping together in church. This needs to be as normal as brushing their teeth (or waking up at 6 am for no reason). I’ve seen what this can do first-hand during the Jewel City Revival. Numerous amounts of kids have made the choice to get prayed for, baptized by water or the Holy Spirit. God is pouring His oil out upon these young people for what He plans to unleash upon the principalities corrupting our nation.

I have to say, that brings the biggest smile to my face of them all.

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