I’m Back, and I have Something To Say

I have some thoughts about what kind of year I’m expecting 2022 to be. Oh, and hi! I’m trying to kickstart this thing again. It’s beginning to feel like that one car that sits in your driveway for months at a time and you occasionally start it up again to keep it from turning into a rust bucket on wheels.

I’d chalk it up to writer’s block again, but I think the real reason is I become too obsessed with writing the “perfect blog”. It has to have that opening line that draws you in, followed by an opening paragraph that properly introduces the reader to the overall subject of my prose, a body of profound snippets of wisdom draped with clever metaphors, and a conclusion that ties into the beginning of my writing like a nice, neat little bow. Not to mention picking the right time of day to release for maximizing visibility.

It’s exhausting inside my own head sometimes.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking and praying about this year and what it means for me. I’ve experienced some spiritual growth in the past year, and now that I’m finally in college I’m making actual steps toward a better future in the world of teaching. It’s crazy how I’ve come to this point when for much of my adult life I’ve spent refusing to believe I could handle the pressures of education. I’m just happy I didn’t have to be swallowed by a giant fish before I accepted God’s direction.

I believe this year, I will be winning some fights that were long-thought to have been lost. I’ve had my years of naïve ignorance. I’ve seen my share of rude awakenings, trudged through the deepest depths of despair and hopelessness, and then was pulled back out by God’s relentless love and grace. Now, armed with knowledge and a focus I’ve never had before, the time has come to shake off the shackles of my yesterdays and take up arms in the fight of my life.

Only, it’s not just my life at stake here.

I see a new generation rising up amidst the torrential downpour of hatred, violence, and utter wickedness. They are the harbingers of Christ’s return, the catalyst for unprecedented revival. There’s a boldness evident when you see how they take action without hesitation, praying over people, freely worshipping God, and fighting to bring the Gospel into our school system. How can I remain in my room feeling sorry for myself while kids half my age are taking the fight to the streets and classrooms?

That’s why I’m taking up blogging again, regardless of whether it’s perfect or not. I believe God has given this gift-among others-to use instead of sitting on them worried about what others might think or how I might look. I mean really, how many times is someone going to say they miss my writing until I think to myself, “maybe I wasn’t as bad as I thought?”

Moreover, if God is calling me to be a teacher (as I have recently come to realize) then I have a responsibility to be obedient, not only for myself, but all the future revivalists and leaders I’ll have the opportunity to pour into. How many are out there counting on me to be ready when the time comes, I wonder?

Maybe you’re like me, and have avoided certain things you feel God is leading you to do because you’re afraid of letting others down? Or perhaps you’ve convinced yourself you don’t have anything of value to offer? Well, so did I, until I started listening to the wise counsel of close family and friends. It really helps to get an outside perspective when all you can see are your past failures. Trust me, the enemy will keep your failures playing on loop like a five-year old girl does her favorite Disney princess movie. One thing I’ve learned is that, no matter how many times I’ve stumbled and fallen flat on my face, God always comes back for me. He’s patient beyond reason, loving beyond measure, and faithful beyond compare. As hard as it is to accept, He will always wait for you, forgive you, and He will never stop working on you.

I pray there would be many more from my generation that decide that Satan has been running rampant in our communities for long enough. Let’s stand in agreement that this year, 2022, will be the year we say enough is enough.

2 thoughts on “I’m Back, and I have Something To Say

  1. So beautifully written and said. You are a great writer. I’d read any of your books. You make your writings down to earth right on level with all who reads them. Keeping your soul in check with God. Encouraging others along your life’s journey. Love you so much.

    Liked by 1 person

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