The Person at the End of the Road

This is the story of a man long tormented by a seemingly inescapable chorus of lies. They feel like daggers in his ears, piercing his thoughts with extreme prejudice. He attempts to cry out into the void in search of answers, though he’s convinced it remains a whisper on the wind. So, he chooses to suffer in silence, as he knows all too well by now. This silence is deafening, filling his head with noise he can’t escape.

Fear and hopelessness consume him, yet no tangible danger is present. On the contrary, He is quite safe in this regard. So what troubles him then? From whence does this terrible shade emerge, and what keeps drawing him to this particular soul? The way of escape seems simple, yet it is complicated by webs weaved from the mouth of the shade. They create a mystification, distorting the truths that our subject holds onto desperately.

Each passing moment moves him closer toward the inevitable end. Before this troubled man lies the narrow path that leads to true freedom. In the distance, a figure stands on the other side, motionless. Struggling to get a better look, the ensnared soul thinks to himself, “his eyes speak only of passion, and there burns a fire upon him that does not cause him any harm.”

He longs to see more, but he knows he is not ready for the full picture. With each step forward he makes, his understanding increases, but so does the strain of the webs clinging for dear life. What he lacks is the will to break free. For his bondage lies where they cannot be touched…his mind. “How do I break bonds I cannot see?” He asks himself.

Then, a voice was heard, rolling like thunder, saying, “Trust not in the strength of your own will, for I will hold you up, and carry you to the victorious end I have planned for you. You need only reach out and take my hand.”

Then, in an instant, the realization hit him, that his unbelief kept him in bondage; not his unbelief in the voice speaking to him, but rather that he could ever be anything other than what he is now. The heavenly voice knew his heart, and he said to him, “Surely I tell you, I have called you to carry my flame into the dark reaches of the earth. You are my workmanship, my love for you is unceasing. My plans are for you to prosper, not to fail. Should you stumble, do not lose heart, as I did not call you because of your perfection, but because of my perfect plans for you.”

These words fill the tortured soul with a strange yearning. It felt as if some invisible force had reached into his very essence, urging him onward.

Trapped between hope and despair, our conflicted hero’s thoughts returned to the source of his imprisonment. “These accursed webs feed off of my struggling,” he thought to himself, “it feels like I’ve tried everything to free myself of their dark influence.”

At this point, his body was too weak, even to stand. Unable to fight his growing weariness, he fell to his knees. The world around him began spinning and his vision was blurred by his intense sorrow.

With his remaining strength, he cried to the heavens, “I cannot free myself of these burdens. Your words course through me like lightning. They ring true in my ears. I submit to your Lordship, Father. Rescue me from the jaws of death.”

Just then, he noticed a shift in the air around him. Wiping his eyes, his attention was pulled to the person at the end of the road. For the first time, he was moving, ever closer towards him. He moved with purpose, piercing through the ominous night like a blade. The darkness could not touch him; not even a shadow followed his footsteps.

He stopped just before the struggling soul, still on his knees. He dare not look upon his face, for he felt unworthy of the man that stood before him.

The fiery figure lifted his hand and placed it upon his head. In an instant, the webs turned to ashes, drifting away in the wind. The shade let out a terrible shriek and fled in fear.

The hero began weeping once more, suddenly aware of the miracle that has taken place. The dark void that once filled him was now filled with a brilliant light. His desert heart was now a lush oasis of hope and love.

His eyes darted every which way, hoping to thank the mysterious figure that saved him, though to no avail. He was no longer a separate entity. He now burns from within the hero, filling him with newness of life.

As he turned towards home, there laid before him another person, suffering as he once did. The thunderous voice spoke once more; “Your pain has become your purpose. My creation still suffers greatly at the hand of the evil one. Now, go forth and prepare the people for my return.”

This story is still being written, and the forthcoming chapters are indeed filled with uncertainties. My prayer is that we all come to realize what burns within us, and walk in the purpose God has established for our lives.

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